I embarked on the practice of performance art grounded on my experience in the theater. I soon realized that both disciplines shared common principles, and set out to research the connections that exist between them. 
The result of this investigation is what I call “performative-theater,  a hybrid/mestiza form where I combine different creative elements (live music, ritual actions, video, etc.) in the construction of new narratives. I am interested in the creation of a multidimensional and playful space that allows for the crossing of esthetic and conceptual borders. 
I use my body as a territory/map from where I can approach, question, and comment on social and political phenomena. My body is a container for the development of dramaturgies to be shared with the audience, who, in turn, develops its own narratives through interactivity. Socio-political concepts become embodied and materialized in actions that, I hope, stimulate the formulation of new questions about our world. 
My work is a research and reflection of the living moment. It is for me the art of being here and now, of direct contact, where the experience of the immediate, the instant, and the accident acquire new meanings. Through my work I am invested in creating a space for the construction of identities as relational and open to difference. A place where self-knowledge occurs through a knowing of the other. 
As an immigrant artist, my recent work has focused on the current reality of the Latino-Mexican immigrant in the US. I not only look for current social commentary, but also for ways in which the resonance of traditions, myths, and indigenous wisdom deepen our memory, affirm our sense of being present, and nurture our imagination.


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