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“BORDER  TRIP(tych) / TRIP(tico) de la frontera.

The project’s aim is to generate a ritual/visual narrative focused on an immigrant’s journey as she leaves her home in Latin America and arrives in the US searching for work.
I am working on this project in collaboration with the performance collective Secos  & Mojados integrated by Latin American immigrant artists based in San Francisco. Members include: David Molina (Salvadorian American), musician, composer, sound Design and Roberto Varea (Argentina), stage director.
The first part of the triptych is called Buried in the Body of Remembrance / Enterrada en el Cuerpo del Recuerdo and it is grounded on imagery related to memory. It tells the story of an immigrant’s parting, the moment when she decides to leave her home.

A Body Parted:Shrapnel of Present Time / Esquirlas de  Tiempo Presente is Part II of the Border (TRIP) tych.

The project is a visual narrative focused on a migrant’s journey as she leaves her home in Latin America and arrives in the United States searching for a better life. A Body Parted examines the immigrant’s moment of crossing as she is compelled to leave her homeland in el Sur (the south).

Photos: Nora Raggio (top two) / Julio César (across, bottom right)

Border  TRIP(tych) has been presented at the following venues:

I:  Buried in the Body of Remembrance / Enterrada en el Cuerpo  del Recuerdo

  • Mission Cultural Center for the Latino Arts. San Francisco, CA 
  • CounterPULSE. San Francisco, CA
  • Arizona State University. Tempe, AZ
  • Art in the One World. California Institute of the Arts. Los Angeles, CA
  • Centro Cultural Recoleta 6to. Encuentro of The Hemispheric
  • Institute of Performance and Politics. Bs.As, Argentina
  • Centro de Producción Cultural Medida x Medida. Córdoba, Argentina 

    II: A Body Parted (Shrapnel of present time) /Un cuerpo partido (Esquirlas de tiempo presente)
  • Movimiento  de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana MACLA. San Jóse, CA
  • Summer Artist in Residence. CounterPULSE. San Francisco, CA


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