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Requiem is a performative intervention by way of ritual, to remember the killings committed in the "war on drugs" initiative from the central government in Mexico.
The bilingual title makes reference to the bi-national reality of the "war against drugs." Requiem is an attempt, from the space of performance art, to open with a coroner’s knife the very same discourse of death broadcasted by those in power under the guise of "national security." Inside its rotten entrails, we re-discover the daily suffering of the common citizen, the most affected by a vicious and pathological decision of the state that has nothing to do with his or her wellbeing, and much to do with some of the darker designs of power that Mexico has seen in its history, with unconditional support from the US.

Concept / Performance: Violeta Luna
Original Music: David Molina
All Photos: Fidel Ugarte


REQUIEM has been presented at the following venues:

  • La Aduana Vieja, Dia Internacional de las Mujeres. Puebla, México
  • Sala Octavio Trías, Encuentro Binacional de Artes Visuales Luis Y. Aragon 2012. Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México
  • La Pulqueria Insurgentes. Migraciones Femeninas. Mexico, City
  • National Hispanic Cultural Center. Revolutions International Theater Festival. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Skuc Gallery, 17th International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Brown University. Rhode Island, Providence

  • Mission Cultural Center for the Latino Arts, Commemorating International, Day for the Elimination of Violence. San Francisco, CA
  • Mission Cultural Center for the Latino Arts, Songs for a New Beginnings: 16 days of ARTivism!. San Francisco, CA
  • DAH Theater. Belgrade, Serbia
  • Teatro Cervantes, Magdalena Project: 7 Caminos Teatrales. Guanajuato, México
  • Studio Gallery. San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México
  • Mission Cultural Center for the Latino Arts, CELEBRATE! SAN FRANCISCO. San Francisco, CA


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