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The spectacle’s main theme is centered on the figure of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo: Frida as an embodiment of women who question and challenge, women who struggle to affirm their identity beyond imposed political and gender boundaries.

The character of Frida is utilized like an arquetype. A symbol of Mexican society from where to question value systems, nationality, mexicanidad (Mexican-ness), and a desire for creative transgression. She also embodies issues related to the rejection and the abuse experienced by indigenous people who have been excluded from a national project that aspires to “ascend to the first world. Frida uses her body as a map, a geography from where she crosses borders that go beyond the territorial into gender, sexuality, ideology and consciousness.

Frida represents a place where national conflicts find their more contradictory expressions: migration, overpopulation, discrimination, and the tensions between Mexican culture, and their neighbor to the north, Norteamérica.

Frida is an interactive performance where the audience can choose between being an active part of the spectacle, integrating themselves and proposing actions, or witnessing.


Concept / Performance/ Costumes: Violeta Luna
Original Music: David Molin
Photos: Marléne Ramírez-Cancio (top three)/
Jorge Berdeja (across)/ Norma Duarte (bottom right)

FRIDA has been presented at the following venues:

  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Mission Arts & Performance Project MAPP. San Francisco, CA
  • Phix Gallery, Teatro Caliente. Phoenix, Arizona
  • Casa Yuyachkani, Lima, Perú
  • Teatro “Volar Distinto. Cuzco, Perú
  • Museo de las Américas. Denver, CO
  • Sala Cepia, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Córdoba, Argentina
  • 5to. Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. Belo Horizonte, Brasil
  • Theatre de Nesle, Festival Frida Kahlo. París, France
  • Gallery Rote Fabrik, Festival International Zuercher Theater Spektakel. Zürich, Suiza



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